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Adobe After Effects

Code: ED21A11
Type: IT InstructorLed Courses
Category: Adobe
Course: Adobe After Effects
Date: 10 Feb 2021 08:15 - 24 Feb 2021 13:30
Adobe After Effects is a powerful software tool for visual effects and motion graphics. You can use After Effects’ tools to create dynamic designs for commercial video and motion picture production to CD-ROM title development. This course helps you to understand the fundamental concepts and features of the program.

This is an entry level course that introduces the user to the motion graphics world of Adobe After Effects. Topics covered will include the AE interface, workflow and basic functioning of After Effects. Participants will also learn how to include layers, keyframes, importing and interpretation of footage, adding effects and animation of footage and text through timeline properties.

Duration: 15 hours (3 days)
Location: EDITC & MMC Conference Center, 16 Imvrou Street, 1055 Nicosia
Language: Ελληνικά
Attendance: 6-12
Speaker: Mr.Nearchos Constantinou

Price: €265.00
Subsidy: €0.00
Total: €265.00

Unit 1
Getting to know the Workflow
Create a project and import footage.
Create compositions and arrange layers.
Navigate the Adobe After Effects interface.
Use the Project, Composition, and Timeline panels.
Transform layer properties.
Apply basic effects.
Create keyframes.
Preview your work.
Customize the workspace.
Adjust preferences related to the user interface.

Creating a Basic Animation
Work with the layers of an imported Adobe Illustrator file.
Apply drop-shadow and emboss effects.
Apply a text animation preset.
Adjust the time range of a text animation preset.
Precompose layers.
Apply a dissolve transition effect.
Adjust the transparency of a layer.
Render an animation for broadcast use.

Animating Text
Stylize text using the Character and Paragraph panels.
Apply and customize text animation presets.
Preview animation presets in Adobe Bridge.
Install fonts using Adobe Typekit.
Animate text using keyframes.
Animate layers using parenting.
Edit and animate imported Adobe Photoshop text.
Use a text animator group to animate selected characters on a layer.

Unit 2
Working with Shape Layers
Create custom shapes.
Customize a shape’s fill and stroke.
Use path operations to transform shapes.
Animate shapes.
Repeat shapes.
Snap layers into alignment.
Use an expression to animate properties in time with audio.

Animating Layers 
Animate a layered Adobe Photoshop file.
Duplicate an animation using the pick whip.
Work with imported Photoshop layer styles.
Apply a track matte to control the visibility of layers.
Animate a layer using the Corner Pin effect.
Apply the Lens Flare effect to a solid layer.
Use time remapping and the Layer panel to dynamically retime footage.
Edit Time Remap keyframes in the Graph Editor.

Unit 3
Working with Masks
Create a mask using the Pen tool.
Change a mask’s mode.
Edit a mask shape by controlling vertices and direction handles.
Feather a mask edge.
Replace the contents of a mask shape.
Adjust the position of a layer in 3D space to blend it with the rest of a shot.
Create a reflection effect.
Modify a mask using the Mask Feather tool.
Create a vignette.

Compositing & Mattes
Using Luma keys
Making Track mattes
Understanding Channels

Introduction to 3D
Create a 3D environment in After Effects.
Look at a 3D scene from multiple views.
Create 3D text.
Rotate and position layers along x, y, and z axes.
Animate a camera layer.
Add lights to create shadows and depth.
Extrude 3D text in After Effects.

The render queue
Output settings
File formats

Who Should Attend

Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Social Media Officers, staff from the Information Technology Department and Managers of SME enterprises.


Upon completion of this course the participants will :

· Understand  After  Effects interface and workflow

· Be able to animate footage and text

· Be able to create simple effects

· Be able to export and render files

Good Knowledge of computers and Internet

Lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice.

1. Training material in english language
2. Personal Computers
3. Microphone for the Webinar
4. Internet when use is required

Wednesday 10/02/2021, 08:30 - 13:30
Wednesday 17/02/2021, 08:30 - 13:30
Wednesday 24/02/2021, 08:30 - 13:30

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