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Training Courses
Microsoft Excel- Basic Level

Type: IT InstructorLed Courses
Category: Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2007/2010
Microsoft Excel is an essential application in today’s work environment. Microsoft Excel is a tool for the creation of spreadsheets and graphs, for performing calculations, data analysis and much more. .
Microsoft Excel is useful for the company’s financial administration and monitoring and can also be useful in sales, expense monitoring , creation of lists, converting data into visuals (graphs) etc.
This course is the first of a series of two courses and covers the basic features of the application.

Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
Location: EDITC & MMC Conference Center, 16 Imvrou Street, 1055 Nicosia
Language: Greek
Attendance: 1-15
Speaker: Maria Knais


Unit1: Introduction

  • How Excel can help you in every day work
  • Understanding the screen
  • Organizing the Ribbon
  • Understanding the  Τabs  και Groups, Dialog Launcher Buttons

Unit2: Working with Files

  • Workbooks and Sheets
  • Creating a new Workbooks
  • Creating a folders
  • Saving a Files
  • Opening and Closing a Files

Unit3: Working with Sheets

  • Inserting and Deleting Sheets
  • Naming Sheets
  • Moving and Copying Sheets

Unit4: The Fill Handle

  • Working with the Fil Handle
  • Exercise

Unit5: Creating a table

  • Data Entry—The various data tyoes
  • Using AutoSum
  • Copying a Formula
  • Exercise

Unit6: Columns and Rows

  • Inserting and Deleting rows and columns
  • Formatting rows and columns
  • Hiding/Unhiding rows and columns

Unit7: Creating Simple Formulae

  • Creating a Formula
  • Correcting a Formula
  • Absolute and Relative References
  • Exercise

Unit8: Functions

  • Using the  Function Today
  • Using the Insert Function
  • The Functions Average, Count, CountA, Min and Max
  • Exercise

Unit9: Formatting

  • Automatic Formatting
  • Copying Formatting
  • Formatting Fonts
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Changing the Alignment
  • Borders and Shading
  • Removing Formatting
  • Exercise

Unit10: Inserting Graphics

  • Pictures
  • Shape
  • Using SmartArt
  • Inserting and Formatting Graphs

Unit11: Printing

  • Headers and Footers
  • Repeat Titles
  • The
  • Setting Paper Orientation and Margins
  • Printing

Who Should Attend
This course is for beginners wishing to gain the basic knowledge in Excel


Upon completion the participants will be able to:

  • Create tables
  • Format tables
  • Insert and format columns and rows
  • Create simple formulae and functions
  • Insert Graphics and Graphs
  • Print

Good knowledge of Windows


The course is 100% practical. The topics are delivered with short presentations by the instructor followed by a  step-by-step demonstration by the instructor and repetition by the students, examples and discussions on how a feature may be used with real life examples and practice through written exercises.

The classrooms are equiped with computers (one for each student) projector, Internet access, whiteboard, flipchart and printing facilities.
Each student has a step by step book.

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