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WordPress is currently the most successful and popular content management software worldwide . Approximately 24% of internet is now using WordPress. WordPress is the most widespread and advanced Content Management Sys-tem worldwide and is mainly used for construction of web sites and blog pages based on content. The content in-cludes video, text, picture and sound. The reasons that made WordPress so popular was the ease of use, free li-cense without restrictions and finally, the huge open source community that supports it. There are thousands of themes and add-ins for WordPress.

Duration: 21 hours (7 sessions)
Location: EDITC & MMC Conference Center, 16 Imvrou Street, 1055 Nicosia
Language: Ελληνικά
Attendance: 4-16


Course Outline
Introduction to WordPress 
Understanding the Difference Between and

  • Understanding the Web Hosting
  • Understand the Domain Name
  • Programming your website

Working with

  • Create a website with
  • Enable and Configure your account
  • Connect to
  • Create your Profile
  • Validate your website
  • Disconnect from

Start Working with WordPress (

  • Installing WordPress from
  • Navigation on
  • Log in WordPress
  • Start Working with WordPress
  • Create your Profile WordPress
  • Getting Help
  • Disconnect from WordPress

Specifying Settings of WordPress

  • General Settings Definition
  • Define Recording Settings
  • Specifying settings Reading
  • Configuration Management Forum
  • Modify Settings Media
  • Configure Attribute Polling (Polling)
  • Configuration Assessments (
  • Specifying Email Settings Changing Suspension (
  • Adding Trusted sites OpenID (

Working with themes

  • Browse and activate a theme (
  • Search and install a theme (
  • Upload a theme (
  • Use Live Preview
  • Activate a different topic
  • Customize your theme
  • Theme Customization Options
  • Add a custom header image to your subject
  • Customize your theme Background
  • Delete a theme (

Create and Manage pages

  • Add page
  • Manage pages
  • Edit a page
  • Run a quick processing
  • Copy page (
  • Deleting Pages
  • Restore a deleted page
  • Specifying pages from the Trash folder

Creation and Suspension Management

  • Creating a Fork in the Add New screen
  • Show all posts
  • Edit and Delete posts
  • Working with categories
  • Working with labels

Formatting pages and posts

  • Create a list
  • Creation of a motto
  • Work with tie
  • Using the marking More
  • Checking Spelling, Grammar and Style
  • Using the mode Distraction Free Writing Mode
  • Formatting the Text Editor
  • Creation of a motto
  • Work with tie
  • Using the marking More
  • Checking Spelling, Grammar and Style
  • Using the mode Distraction Free Writing Mode
  • Formatting the Text Editor

Working with Media Files

  • Insert an image from your computer
  • Insert media file from your computer
  • Integrate a guest media file
  • Introduction of a media file from a URL
  • Upload files directly in media library
  • Introduction of a media file from the media library
  • Importing a Gallery
  • Promotion of media library
  • Develop a media file

Working with Widgets

  • Add a Widget in a sidebar
  • Configuring a Widget
  • Rearrange Widgets
  • Removing a Widget from a sidebar

Working with connections

  • Create a category link
  • Add a new composition
  • View and finding connections
  • Edit Connections and category links
  • Edit a category link
  • Show links in the sidebar
  • Delete links and categories connections

Adding and managing menu

  • Changing the page menu series
  • Create custom menu
  • Manage custom menus

Working plugins

  • Look for a further and install from the Install Plugins screen
  • Seek additional means to catalog WordPress Plugins Directory
  • Upload an additional
  • Enable plug-ins
  • Specifying additional settings
  • Update additives
  • Turn off and delete plug ins
  • Reviewing the most useful plugins

User management

  • Add new users

Manage comments

  • Setting Update comments to existing posts and pages
  • Moderate comments
  • Delete comments
  • Managing comments

Uploading the Site for Hosting

  • Exporting the necessary files
  • Creating a hosting account
  • Uploading the files

Who Should Attend
  • Individuals or professionals who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge for the construction, maintenance and management of a completely free and easy to use website with no programming knowledge.
  • People who want to communicate their views, their through a blog (blog knowledge) and learn all of Blog-ging capabilities.
  • Columnists who want to create and maintain their per-sonal blog


After the completion of the Course the participants will be able to:

  • To install the WordPress local program.
  • To create pages and Posts.
  • To add and manage menu.
  • To work with additives.
  • Manage Users.
  • To manage comments.

The course is practical in nature, which means that by the end of the course the participants will have the opportunity to create their own web site including forms, banners, se-cure part of the site and many more!


Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet.

Lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice.

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