PV-TRAINER: Training and certification model for photovoltaic trainers with the use of ECVET system


1 Sep 2016 - 31 Aug 2019

The idea of EU-PV-Trainer project is signed up into EU instruments based on practical and flexible learning paths and improving the quality of education due to the established European reference frameworks such as National Qualification Framework (NQF) related to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) together with the validation system and European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) directly linked to national education and training systems and to EU tools for mobility and transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications.

According to the conducting analysis, done before the application preparation, there is no doubt that in all partners' countries there's a clear lack of well-qualified PV trainers and there's a huge demand  for them from the labour market needs:

1. Increasing demand on the PV trainers is linked to the growth of the PV labour market and the need of preparation of PV installers what is connected to priorities:  

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% - it is well over 1 million new jobs that are at stake (Europa2020 Strategy)
  • obligation of 20%  of sharing the energy from OZE in the total produced energy stimulating the development of PV in EU (Market of photovoltaic in Poland, 2013)
  • in 2020-2025 there will be the beginning of the producing of energy with the use of the photovoltaic cells for the large scale (report PEP, 2013)
  • PV installers is one of the nine occupations related to the improvement of the use in the efficient way of the natural resources mentioned in the group of 8 countries EU (Cedefop, 2015)
  • valid legal solutions in EU require among others, the interim improvement of the competences by PV installers

2. increase number of accredited training institutions preparing PV installers (in Poland 57 accredited installers) (Office of Technical Inspection, 2016)
3. vague qualification requirements for PV trainers (level of education and professional experience) are not conducive to the quality of training (PL, ES, CY, RO)
3. No training offers for PV trainers (PL,ES, CY, RO)
4. An increase number of vacancies for PV trainers (analysis www)
5. PV trainer are often the specialists who are not prepared for the trainers activities or specialists with the knowledge of PV (Interviews with the educational Institutions)
6. Lack of certification of PV trainers in the partners countries.

One of the objectives of the project is to increase the mobility of teacher/trainers in the field of photovoltaics (PV), through the introduction of specialised foreign language training elements.

The project results developed  based on diagnosis and transfer of good practices of European project partner countries (especially Spanish) in the field of PV will contribute to the update and standardization of professional competences, including the training and language ones, of PV teachers/trainers in the partner countries.

Therefore, it is reasonable to take measures aimed at improving the quality of education and training of future PV installers by aligning and improving the quality of professional preparation of the persons conducting PV theoretical and practical classes, taking into account EQF,NQF,ECVET,EQAVET and specificity of the partner countries.

The specific objectives of the project include enhancing the quality of vocational teaching/training of PV installers by:

  • levelling and improving the competence of VET teachers/trainers conducting theoretical and practical training for PV installers results in increasing the level of their competitiveness in the labour market and increasing employability or maintaining employment
  • building a blended learning course to gain wider coverage and better learning outcomes
  • recognition of non-formal and informal learning outcomes of educators conducting theoretical and practical training for installers of photovoltaic systems
  • the development of a modular training programme combining theory with practice and education packages based on the analysis of the work process (professional tasks and the skills, knowledge and competencies required to be able to perform them) of the PV teacher/trainer described by the standard of professional competences
  • the development of professional competence of teachers/trainer supplemented by the foreign language for practical use within the specific field of photovoltaics and teaching skills of PV trainer.

The target group of the project are persons conducting theoretical and practical PV vocational education and training or are interested in conducting such training and they comply with the legal requirements applicable in the partner countries. They may be employed people or at risk of losing their jobs (e.g. teachers and instructors of practical training in vocational schools, persons conducting professional courses in continuing education institutions or university teachers) as well as job seekers and employers providing services in the field of PV.

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