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24 Nov 2009 - 24 Nov 2012

DigEm is an innovative digital empowering project that uses a creative approach to teaching ICT skills, develps alternative ICT based contents and pedagogies and provides an effective entry route for learners disengaged with the learning process, or not confident with new technologies. It sits well within the Lisbon Key indicators for LLL: Providing skills for the Knowledge Society and Making Learning More Attractive but also touching basic Lisbon Key Competencies such as Digital Competencies and Learning to Learn.

DigEm introduces basic ICT competence e.g using word process to create scripts, blogs, using picture and editing software, using the internet (e-mail, banking and other services/training, hobbies). The project targets those with no/few formal qualifications, socially excluded groups, older learners, women over 45, minority ethnic groups in order to motivate them to increase their employability. In this direction DigEm touches LLP Horizontal policies transversally: “Promoting equality between men and women and contributing to combating al forms of discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation” as well as putting focus on the personality of the learner and motivating them to learn based on their own experiences which also “Promotes an awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe, as well as of the need to combat racism, prejudice and xenophobia: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.

The DigEm partnership is solidly based on Training Organizations and NGOs, because the project aims to train trainers coming from Associations, NGOs and relative to the target groups communities (teachers, youth and social workers), in order to access a wider number of end-users groups and achieve multiplying effects as this approach will provide more end-results than trying to teach limited groups of end-users. In parallel NGOs and Associations are usually working with more than one groups and face more than one training situations. Based on these principles the teaching methodologies and trainers guide will be a collection of tools, syllabuses and approaches (following the concept of one stop-shops) that each trainer and organization will be able to adapt and use for multiple and diverse groups and situations.

According to this, the consortium is including partners with extensive experience on the use of alternative creative media for teaching ICT skills and generally empowering excluded groups, like DIMITRA ITD, ARSIS and of DIGITALES LTD that has a strong academic background and multi annual experienced trainers, that were partners of the Commedia.Net equal project and thus have developed already media and creative training approaches as an effective entry route for learners who are disengaged with the learning process, or who are unconfident with new technologies in order to motivate them and increase their employability. Additionally the DigEm project includes NGOs with focus in providing training to various groups like DOCUMENTA (SP) or with strong gender focus like ATHENA Association for Education and Development of Women (CZ) or regional development organization like SEPC/ SEDC (LT) that could implement the approach in various groups but also training organizations like Multimedia Education Center (PO) with focus on senior citizens and EDITC (CY) that is keen on implementing new approaches to ICT teaching.

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